air cap

air cap

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • external mix air cap — A special type of air cap for spray guns. Air and fluid are mixed in the space outside the air cap, directly in front of the nozzle: the most common type of air cap. Also see internal mix air cap …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • internal mix air cap — A special type of air cap for spray guns. Air and material are mixed inside the gun and are ejected through a single orifice. This design is used only for pressure feed guns, primarily for spraying heavy viscous materials. Compare external mix… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • mix air cap — See external mix air cap internal mix air cap …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • cap — [1] A protective round cover which is secured to something. [2] A covering over the bed of a truck. [3] The base of a light bulb which fits into a socket. [4] Cleaner air package system of reducing the amount of unburned hydrocarbons in the… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • air — [1] Abbreviation for air conditioner. [2] A bicycling or motorcycling term describing the space or gap between the tires and the ground when the bike takes a jump. Both tires must be off the ground before it can be called air as in the expression …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • CAP 230 — CAP 232 CAP 232 Role Competition aerobatic aircraft …   Wikipedia

  • Cap — als Abkürzung steht für: Calender Access Protocol, Übermittlungsprotokoll für Kalenderdaten zwischen beliebigen Groupwareservern. CAMEL Application Part: Transportprotokoll aus der Familie des Signalling System 7 für CAMEL Anwendungen in… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Air India Flight 182 — Boeing 747 237B Emperor Kanishka landing at London Heathrow Airport on 10 June 1985, a few days before the explosion Occurrence summary …   Wikipedia

  • CAP-232 — Bei der Cap 232 handelt es sich um ein Kunstflugzeug das von dem Franzosen Auguste Mudry entwickelt wurde. Nach dessem Bankrott 1996 wurde das Flugzeug von Akrotech Europe übernommen, worauf sich die Firma 1999 in CAP Aviation umbenannte. Die Cap …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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